Jean Cocteau’s frescoes

In 1949, the poet Jean Cocteau met Francine Weisweiller who invited him a year later to spend a week’s holiday in her house in St Jean Cap Ferrat which overlooked the bay of Villefranche.

A few days after his arrival, Jean Cocteau would say: “I’m tired of idleness, I wither here…” He asked Francine whether he could draw the head of Apollo above the fireplace in the living room. Matisse had told him: “When you decorate a wall, you decorate the others”, so Cocteau kept on painting. Inch by inch, he covered all the walls of the house with frescoes inspired by the Greek mythology and the French Riviera.

All summer in 1950, Jean Cocteau worked on ladders without any preliminary model. After drawing in charcoal, the poet enhanced his drawings with coloured powders diluted in raw milk, otherwise known as frescoes in tempera. Cocteau would write: “I didn’t have to dress the walls; I had to paint on their skin […] Santo Sospir is a tattooed villa”.

Two years after completing the walls of the villa, Jean Cocteau tackled the ceilings. Finding them too white, he coloured them with pastels in very soft tones. He also composed mosaics for the entrance patio and a tapestry for the dining room. The art-covered walls even inspired a film, the 1952 La Villa Santo-Sospir, a filmed tour of the home given by Cocteau himself. 

For many years, Jean Cocteau spend long periods in the villa and wrote about the place: “When I was working at Santo Sospir, I became myself a wall and these walls spoke for me”.


62nd Grammys

This year 62nd edition has been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster with a telenovela vibe.. which means drama, anger, passion, cliffhangers and tears


Heading for the Grammys part 2

We are now only 5 days away from the 62nd grammys ceremony and I’m to take off soon to LA to live the adventure from the inside. But before that, let’s take a look at the feel and vibe regarding this year as 2020 a really a turning point.


Heading for the grammys

The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony is scheduled for January 26, 2020, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It will recognize the best recordings, compositions, and artists of the eligibility year, running from October 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019.


Farewell dear Lady , goodbye Jessye Norman

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US opera singer Jessye Norman, one of the most renowned sopranos of the 20th Century, has died at the age of 74.A native of Augusta, Georgia, Norman was one of the rare black singers to reach fame in the opera world.


History of France through the movies : Princesse Marie Bonaparte

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History of France through the movies:

Princess Marie
Franco-Austrian TV film in two parts by Benoît Jacquot, released in 2004

With Catherine Deneuve, Heinz Bennent and Anne Bennent

History: Great grand niece of Emperor Napoleon I, Marie Bonaparte (1882-1962), princess of Greece and Denmark, went to Vienna in 1925 to consult Sigmund Freud, the famous psychoanalyst, about her problems of sexual frigidity. Over the years, Freud became her mentor and her friend, Marie having decided to become a psychoanalyst herself. Famous, independent and rich, Marie Bonaparte used her social position and her fortune to promote Freud’s scientific theories and supported her work. She translated his books into French, and in 1938 she fought so that he fled Austria and the rise of Nazism to take refuge in London. After the death of her mentor, Marie Bonaparte will continue her work …

Princess Marie of Greece born Princess Marie Bonaparte

My opinion: 4/5. This TV show brings us into the world of Princess Marie and makes us discover the childhood and traumatic youth of the young woman: motherless at birth, Mary is considered a treasure by her paternal grandmother, and understands very quickly that if she dies, her father’s family would lose all the inheritance left by her mother, Marie Félix Blanc. 



The notes “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si” are abbreviations of Latin words symbolizing the universal scale, also called “radius of creation”.

Each of the seven hierarchical levels of the radius of creation corresponds to a sky:

– God resides in the seventh heaven. This highest heaven is the paradise of our Creator, our Dominion, abbreviated as Do.

– The sixth heaven is the cosmos. The Latin word Sidera, abbreviated as Si, means all the stars (of the universe).

– The fifth heaven is our star system or our milky way. The Latin word Lactea, abbreviated La, means milk.

– The fourth heaven is our solar system. We find the rule of each sky in its center: Helios. Helios is at the center of our solar system. He is our sun or Sol in Latin.

The third sky is populated by the planets of our solar system. Astrology shows us how the movements of these planets create our destiny, or Fata in Latin, abbreviated to Fa.

– The second heaven is our planet. It is the microcosm within the macrocosm of the entire universe. In Latin, it is Microcosmus, abbreviated Mi.

– The first and lowest of Heaven, under the microcosm, is our underworld. The moon is the regent (or the queen). The Latin word Regina, abbreviated Re, means Regent.

‘hexacord In the eleventh century, the monk Guido d’Arezzo had the idea, to name the notes of the range, to use syllables of a famous liturgical hymn, the hymn of the vespers of the feast of the Birth of St. John Baptiste. This hymn is written in Sapphetic stanzas: the first three verses, composed of two hemistiches (five and six feet, respectively), are completed by a fourth verse, shorter, five feet. Guido d’Arezzo used the first syllable of each of the first six hemistiches of the hymn (ut ré mi fa sol la) for his solmisation system. This system does not exactly match a name to a note, but gives a position in the hexacord..

In the Romance-speaking countries (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese), this name was imposed against the alphabetical notation used in the Germanic or English-speaking countries. Here is the first stanza of the anthem in question:

First verse of the hymn to Saint John the Baptist:

Ut queant laxis
resonare fibris
Mira gestorum
famuli tuorum,
Solve polluti
labii reatum,
Sancte Iohannes.

 The use of internal rhymes (“laxis” “fibris”, “gestorum” “tuorum”) slightly complicates the meaning of the text, as is frequently the case in Latin liturgical hymns. As an introduction to the subsequent stanzas that describe the Gospel story surrounding the birth of John, the first stanza serves as an invitation to the singers: “So that your faithful may sing the wonders of your gestures in a relaxed voice, cleans the fault their dirty lip, O Saint John. ” »

 The origin of the music associated with this poem is less clear; there are also several versions, following various liturgical traditions. It is possible that the Roman variant is a creation of Guido d’Arezzo himself, or the reuse of an existing melody. The first six verses begin with sounds that form a rising scale, on the syllables ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la..

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Versailles Royal Opera: A story of Innovation and collaboration

 The Royal Opera is a story of innovation and collaboration, which formely was at the service of kings and goes on today for the happiness of all. In the eighteenth century, in the 1760s, two visionaries combined their talents to invent the concept of reconfigurable space. They responded to the wish of Louis XV to provide Versailles with a place of festivities with multiple uses: concerts and shows, banquets, balls.

Their vision of a dynamic system was definitely out of step with the static architectures of the time. They were also unparalleled “managers” who managed to bring their project to fruition despite major challenges: technical performance, particularly acoustics, up to the prestige of their royal client; security constraints relating to a place destined to receive more than a thousand people, including princes and monarchs; budget envelope reduced following years of external wars; extremely tight deadlines, twenty-two months between the investment decision and the commissioning required for the marriage of the Dauphin, the future Louis XVI. It is Ange-Jacques Gabriel, architect in the traditional sense, that we owe the shape and structure of the place. And he was also a system architect, in the contemporary sense of the term who has taken into account, in an integrated architecture, all the needs and constraints generated by the different uses.

It is Blaise-Henri Arnoult, a machinist in the traditional sense of the theater trades but an engineer at heart, who is responsible for the dynamics of the system allowing the transformation of one configuration to another in just a few hours. And it is to these two complementary intelligences, which have surpassed the differences of point of view inherent in this complementarity, that we owe the invention of the Royal Opera; invention that would be described today as breakthrough innovation.

Our visionaries have developed technological solutions, which translate the genius of great inventors. And they also led the project by successfully deploying our agile and concurrent engineering methods before the letter. The requirements of the principals, including those of the king himself, were solicited on models and, at the same time, the various trades (sculptors, carpenters, lighting designers ….) Immediately integrated the proposals specific to their areas of expertise. It was of course wooden models and not digital models on computer, but the principles of collaborative engineering that rediscovered the 21st century were already applied. The adventure continues with the team of Versailles Spectacles, which, in the same tradition, dares the risk of creation.

Today is by reviving forgotten scores, for our greatest happiness. EIRIS Conseil is a partner of the circle of patrons of the Royal Opera of Versailles



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The Paris of The Viscontis

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On August 24, 1864, a decree renamed rue des Marais in rue Visconti, named after Louis Tullius Joachim Visconti (1791 – 1853), a French architect of Italian origin, who died 11 years earlier.

Alain Delon


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Alain Delon..In his  youthful years  he was nicknamed the most beautiful man on earth. Although the beauty is diverse and subjective, it must be admitted that  the man exuded a certain magnetism.

“After all that. Here we are it is now, Alain Delon’s turn to go before the court of virtue. It was predictable. 

The ideal target, perfect. Alain Delon is the old world, the world that must be condemned and erased."

But for me, Alain Delon, it’s not the old world. It’s the big world. The great untouchable world , inaccessible and eternal of great art. The world of dreams, of the sublime. He embodies a time that seems far away and that still makes people fantasize, of all ages and all social classes. It brings together. It gathers. Alain Delon embodies the fantasy alone. And Alain Delon, it’s not just Alain Delon, it’s also Gabin, Ventura. It is also Visconti, Losey, Melville, René Clément. It’s Tancred Falconerie, Rocco Parondi, Robert Klein and The Samurai.

This actor is not just one actor, he IS the ACTOR

The actor that embodies all mankind complexity,  with his binding lights and its dark corners.  The crazy actor, alone, free.  The one that paid the hightest price in the media because of his angel face.

 ’Some say he is pretentious. However he has always behaved and talked humbily of the directtors he worked with  prefering the focus on them as he considered them  to be the true stars.

Some say he is  capricious and unbearable He is too. Like a coffee that is too full-bodied, but whose austere aftertaste forces you to reveal a real piece of truth about yourself.

Delon, it is not the actor of the compromises nor the man of the half-measures

Il gattopardo . Luchino Visconti 

This tribute day began in the late morning with a masterclass during which he had evoked for nearly an hour and a half his memories of cinema.

He took the opportunity to pay tribute to the women who allowed him to become an actor. “It was the women who loved me, who made me do this job, who wanted me to do it and who fought for me to do it,” said the man who made films with Visconti, Melville or Antonioni.

In front a Palais des festival totally full , the actor confided “tonight is a bit of a posthumous tribute, but in my lifetime” adding “I’m leaving, but I will not leave without thanking you.” Emu to tears, the actor concluded: “if I’m a star, and that’s why I want to thank you, it’s to the public that I owe it and to no one else” before paying tribute to the two women of his life: Mireille Darc and Romy Schneider. “I just want to tell you that I’m thinking about Mireille and Romy,” he murmured in tears before leaving the stage, collapsing  and tenderly held by his daughter.

La piscine ( The Pool)  by  Jacques Deray 

It is genuinely moving this fidelity to the women whom he has passionately loved and who loved him in return 
and to recognize that without them he would hav been - is- nothing. It is also he who will impose Romy Schneider to  director Jacques Deray for the shooting of "the pool".

Delon with his longtime parter actress Mireille Darc

A tribute that caused a vivid and lively controversy on the Croisette a few days ago. Indeed, an American feminist organization had signified its  opposition to  Delon being awarded with a  Palm of Honor, accusing the actor of being “racist, homophobic and misogynist.” A petition that obtained no less than 25,000 signatures. that the director of the Festival chose to ignore, instead  honoring the wild child  of French cinema

This opinion, Delon doesn’t care about it, it doesn’t matter to him. Delon remains himself, faithful to his principles, to his line of conduct and especially to his work. It is for this work alone that he is honored, after one agrees or not with his choice of life and purpose, this lone wolf instinctive counterbalance. he is not here to be loved as a person, but appreciated as an actor.

A comedian is a vocation, a profession that is learned, it is a choice of life. An actor is a personality, strong in general, taken and put at the service of the cinema by a combination of circumstances. Alain Delon.  

Sum it up all perfectly.


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