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Shampoos can be a drag. I mean the ones sold in the supermarkets are full of chemical and not working with me at all. I mean my scalp is so sensitive it reacts badly to them leaving my hair dry , my scalp itchy and my mood down . That WAS before I heard about this miracle powder.

A natural cleanser plant powder rich in saponins and mucilages with conditioning, purifying and soothing properties, suitable for all hair types, oily skin, problem skin.  I swear it exists

What is  that miracle product ?

INCI: zizyphus jujuba leaf powder

English Name            Lote tree leaves;

Lotus leaves (not the lotus flowers that grow in water)

Scientific Name Zizyphus Spina-Christi
Description Green leaves ground into powder
Properties Natural cleansing agent like soap

(Contains saponins, tannins, anti-bacterial agents and alkaloids) Note: some people who are allergic to latex may have similar reactions to the sidr alkaloids so seek advice first before using)

Medicinal Uses Cleanse skin and hair
Fragrance Smells like wet grass
L’Arbre et ses fruits /The tree and its fruits

Sidr is one of the most common trees in the Arab region, especially in deserts. Its fruits and leaves contain many minerals, salts and vitamins necessary for human health. It is used in the manufacture of many drugs. , Bombardier, and stimulating its growth. The benefits of Sidr for hair reinforce the hair of its roots and offer a healthy and vibrant appearance. It combats dandruff and prevents its appearance. Provides hair with softness and luster. Repair damaged hair, and treat it from the bomb. 


  • It cleans the hair without stripping it from its natural oils hence leaving the hair voluminous
  • it moisturizes and it acts like a conditioner thanks to the high percentage of mucilage
  • it has a de-inflammatory effect and it soothes itchy and sore scalp
  • it’s anti-dandruff
  • it makes your scalp healthier hence promoting hair growth
  • it helps prevent hair color wash-out (natural & chemical)

The easiest method 

  • For short/medium hair, mix 3 tablespoons of The No Poo Recipe with ¾ cups of warm water until a yogurt-like consistency paste is reached. For long hair mix 4.5 tablespoons with 1 cup of warm water.
  • Allow the paste to sit for 5 minutes before use.
  • Section your hair and then apply the cleanser onto both the scalp and sectioned hair.
  • Rub to clean and then allow the paste to sit on both the hair and scalp for 2-3 minutes.
  • Rinse well and condition as usual.
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Another recipe you can try

You need egg yolk, Tragacanth and the miracle powder

Chop the Tragacanth to as small pieces as possible and soak 2 teaspoones in one cup of hot water overnight or as much as possible (forms a jelly-like solution). add 3 tablespoons of Sidr powder and mix well, then add one egg yolk (I used the egg white for a facial mask) and mix. you may need to change the amount based on your hair length.

Application sur cheveux humides/ On wet hair

Apply to wet hair. Try to apply both to scalp and hair length. You can use a shower cap and give it some time or wash it without waiting. Rinsing takes time and is some how hard! if you use a wide-toothed comb it will be much easier. But to make it easier do not make a mess of your hair over you hair while you are applying. Let them all be in their place.

After rinsing I conditioned my hair as usual. It is not dry at all and shines more than ever!

Après usage/ after using

Another method

Sidr for hair and body:

Add 1 tablespoon of powdered sidr to approximately 1 cup of warm water. Mix it vigorously with your fingers to make it frothy and like soap suds. Wash your hair with it, leave on for a few minutes while washing the rest of your body, then rinse out completely. A day after hair has been washed with sidr it will be shiny and full of volume

A utiliser sur les cheveux- Used on hair

My favorite combo to take care of my hair after travels in dry regions .

The mixture is applied to the hair, covered with a plastic lid, left for three hours, then washed with lukewarm water

Shampooing maison /homemade shampoo- Copyright photo TopSavy

This one is great to help the hair grow

This recipe is useful for hair extension. Serum and yogurt Mix four tablespoons of Sidr powder with four tablespoons of yogurt, two tablespoons of olive oil and a little warm water, then leave the mixture for 30 minutes to ferment. Then apply to the hair, drop for three hours then wash. Smooth the hair. Serum and Castor Oil Mix a quantity of Sidr powder with four teaspoons castor oil and four teaspoons sesame oil. It can be replaced with olive oil and a quantity of onion and garlic water. Then apply the mixture on the hair, leave to act for two hours then wash

You can use it as a shampoo alternative whenever you wash your hair. Good news is; if you wash your hair with it every day, it won’t strip your hair from its natural oils as some shampoos, even sulfate free ones, might do.

Tell me about your ideas to improve the recipe and your experience!


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