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Discovery of a freshly squeezed fruit juice. “Be careful, the fruits in this bottle are still alive” was written on the bottle etiquette. Well, they were not wrong.

Or when a bit of technology combines gluttony, gourmet tastes with  health. It gives Ulti.

Franck Bacot created Ulti  back in 1986. This technology enthusiast uses high pressure cold or pascalisation. A process that preserves vitamins because, once the fruit juice in bottles, they are immersed for a few seconds in a tank filled with water, compressed by a pump to stabilize them. However, vitamins do not fear compression, while they are partly lost during a classic pasteurization

The pascalisation: how does it work?
The fruit juice is extracted from the inside of the fruit. As the juice separates from the it, it is protected from the outside atmosphere. As soon as it is bottled: just 4 seconds separate the juice  extraction from the bottling. Then the bottles are closed and dated. The manufacture of the “Fresh range” is completed. The shelf life of fruit juice is 8 days. The manufacturing process of the “Freshly squeezed range” goes through a final step: the bottles are put for a few moments at a pressure equivalent to several times that of the seabed. This process allows to stabilize the juice whose life span is 16 days.

Located on the outskirts of Paris, the manufacturing unit is capable of producing 1,500 liters of fruit juice per hour. In 2005, Ulti produced more than 2 million liters of fresh fruit juice.

In addition to the tested orange juice, they offer a varied range to satisfy your desires . Citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit, lemon), smoothies (strawberry-raspberry, orange-strawberry-banana or mango-passion-pineapple) and fruit cocktails (orange-strawberry, orange-grapefruit-raspberry, orange-carrot and lemon -mint). They can be found in 25cl or 1l. Perfect for family or occasional desires.

The lemon-mint is also very good, from a more festive point of view, in a cocktail at night. A small derivative of Gin Tonic, 5cl of gin, 3cl of lemon-mint ULTI, 8cl of sparkling water or tonic for bitterness and a slice of lemon. Ideal for a good shot of juice.

ULTI 25cl from € 2.50 to € 3.50
ULTI 1l from € 3.80 to € 4.30
Available at Carrefour, Publicis Drugstore, Galeries Lafayette Gourmet and Grande Épicerie

Juice and aromatic herbs

Parsley, coriander, basil, mint or chilli. At the end of 2017, Ulti teamed up with the Darégal brand, the leader in aromatic herbs, to offer an original product: infused fruit juices, mixed with herbs.

In the end this gives lemon-basil, apple-parsley, apple-pineapple-tarragon … “For this range, we also benefited from the know-how of the assembler and beverage designer Joseph Trotta, French champion of cocktails”, indicates we at Darégal

The only downside: the juices are in plastic bottles. Not super ecologic  on the one hand and to prohibit for those who do not bear the material and get sick because the oil it contains
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