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Locals tell the best stories. This sums up our vision, concept and idea of tourism. To travel is indeed to discover a new culture, new landscapes, news monuments, new tastes. But none really understands or knows a country without meeting its inhabitants and spending time with them, witnessing their way of life . This is what we provide; A delightful, humanly rich and barrier breaker encounter.

Tailormade Just For You

We Provide Special Tours And Events Across Paris.

 Whether you decide to spend a few hours or several days in Paris, you can always find something interesting and unique to see and experience. Just in one day, you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of east of Paris untouched little villages, get to know the city’s unique architecture or try one of our workshop                                           


This Is Our Passion

We  believe in a more authentic and fully personalized way of traveling. A trip built around your passions and desires, from the simplest to the most extraordinary. Whether it’s a simple inspiration or a real travel project, together we will create the itinerary that truly meets your expectations.

Learn everything about Paris

 Paris is known as the ‘City of Lights’ and the ‘City of Love.’ Learn about this amazing city’s history, attractions and culture. As Paris has been a city for more than 2,000 years, it has a story to tell with its rich history. Paris had quite a medieval start,and it shows in so many ways. The creative parisian spirit also gave birth to amanzing modern monuments and buildings that changed the face of the city. Changes we are so glad to showcase you during our historical, witty and fun tours.          Inspired to plan a visit already ?

Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Paris.

What Paris Par Rues Méconnues Can Offer You

The locals tell the best stories  about Paris. Working with them for so long now, It’s their opinion that we trust. All  Paris Par Rues Méconnues content is based on personal experience , the results of meeting and testing, tasting also and genuine recommendations. The tips you see don’t include paid brand endorsements or sponsored content.


Experienced guides

Learn and discover anecdotes and stories with Phd and MA multilingual experts that are teachers and storytellers.


Flexible Cancellation

A  100% refund if your cancel your bookings 7 days or 14 days before the due date.


Guide Tips

Our experts master a wide range of disciplines from art to history to science, social and environemental studies, gastronomy, arts


Suitable for small groups

The best way to enjoy this experience to the fullest and exchange with people as passionate as you are .


photography tours

Paris through the lens There are so many things to see and people to meet while travelling - immersing yourself in a new culture Imprint the memories forever.


advanced trips

Book your trips in advanced.

Meet The Founder

Angénic Agnero

Entrepreneur in tourism and organic food, lecturer and blogger since 1997, Angénic founded “Paris Par Rues Méconnues” and “Les Boissons Uniques d’Angénic” to respond to values that she finds unavoidable.

The rich human encounteers to discover, learn from each other and share 

The need to protect the natural resources and to eat better.

From her childhood made of studies and travels on various continents, Angénic acquired her status of world citizen and puts into practice the values she learned by supporting since 2012 humanitarian actions in Africa and Asia through the Baobab project of the association Résous Moi Je Suis Le Lien Que Je Tisse, which she co-chairs. Her philanthropic actions have earned her to be awarded in 2012 by the Universal League of Public Good. 

ANGENIC’S SPECIALTIES: Art, architecture, ethnology and French history! Her passion for the cultures of the world and the anthropology of art lead her to travel through the 5 continents to value the cultures of the first societies. This is why the tours and events she conceived are always so lively and exciting with an unusual approach.

ANGENIC”S FAVORITES: Africa in general and South Africa in particular, hiking in the Californian desert, champagne tasting, Vietnamese cuisine, the beaches of Crete and Cephalonia, Bhutan 

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