Bookstore Gibert Jeune a parisian institution since 1886 closes its doors

📃The coronavirus situation really took a tool on many stores. Books and culture in general were put aside and left down.

2021 sees the closing of Gibert another landmark of the 6th district and most beloved place from students.
📚 Imagine one Joseph Gibert, litterature and classics teacher, coming from a small town in the south east of France and deciding to go up to Paris, as it was usually done in the 19th century.
📜 1886, he opened his very own bookstore just facing Notre Dame, Quai Saint-Michel
📙 1888, see the opening of his bookstore specializes in the trade of second-hand school books.
📖It immediately became a huge success, because of the social reforms the French to minister of education of that time: Jules Ferry did.
👑After King Charlemagne who allegedly invented school , Ferry made it mandatory
🫂After his death in 1915, both his sons will carry on his legacy .
🏆Success and customers will always answer present until 2020.
😷Now it is 2021, and Covid 19 has won by KO. The only one to undefeat this 200 years young institution.

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