Travel tips : How to fight jet lag

 Between plane, formalities etc …, it is my super assistant Enora who has the duty to post this article, which recapitulates my advice and others to fight against jet lag. Not exhaustive of course, but at least I hope this will help you.

Undesirable effect of long journeys, the jet-lag accompanies us in the same way as our suitcases or cabin luggage. Jet lag begins to be felt from three time zones, three hours difference between the country of departure and the country of arrival, according to Dr. Martin. This shift is greater when the trip is towards the East, than when it takes place towards the West.

jet lag, décalage horaire

Sleep on the plane
 On the plane, it is advisable to sleep, while getting up every two to three hours, to avoid phlebitis of the trip, a venous return which takes place during a bad sitting or lying position. 


We adapt t the local time

 Do your eyes close once you reach your destination? Fight, Resist! You have to fight the fire with the fire and therefore not remain on the rhythm of the country you come from but adopt that of the host country. Even easier if you are in a sunny location. Vitamin D acting as a booster.

We hydrate

 At 10,000 meters above sea level, our body is dehydrated by altitude. Hence the interest in drinking a lot to replenish your body with mineral sources. No fantasy: forget about coffee, sweet fruit juices or alcohol that will have the opposite effect on the body. To hydrate, drink water, our best ally against jet lag. Personally, I drink premium waters from the AOG brand: Voss, Blk, Hildon. Premium waters are waters with exemplary purity and minerality which have beneficial effects on the body and health (detox, cleansing of the kidneys, remineralization of bones etc …). Their website:

AOG premium water

Heading west

If you are heading west,  you must delay your biological clock :

  • Put some sunglasses on in the morning 
  • Expose to sunlight in the late afternoon.
  • Delay your bedtime hour.

Heading east

 Traveling  East requires adaptation which is more difficult than when traveling West (we are going in the opposite direction to the sun). You will need to avance your biological clock.

It is preferable to :

  • not sleep in in the mornings ;
  • expose yourself to the sun early morning
  • have a fresh shower early morning to stimulate your organism
  • avoid naps in the middle of the day ou if you can’t fight then  no more than 30 minutes 
  • exercice during the day, a 20 minutes walk will do

In case of daily treatment 

Si vous  If you are taking daily medical treatment such as insulin or just a birth control pill, do not take your treatment at the same time as usual, favor local time. .

Faites Instead, plan to make a gradual transition, to be established with your treating physician.

Something to try: A wonder application 

Entrain, is the very first jet lag app launched in 2014 by math teachers at the University of Michigan. 

Less expensive and more affordable  than the Re-Timer, glasses, this new anti-jet lag method works as easily as any smartphone app. Once downloaded from iTunes (, all you need is  to indicate some parameters  such as the places of departure and arrival, the duration of the trip, the exposure to light … 

Copyright Re-Timer

When going to  Los Angeles  this is the routine that works for me

Before departure :A bath to prepare my body

To prepare your body and relax, you can have a bath by adding a mixture of :

  • 10 ml of virgin olive oil
  • 4 drops of grapefruit essential oil 
  • 4 drops geranium essential oil
  • 4  drops of chamomille essential oil
Hollywood Hills copyright photo Rob Simons

I also try to sleep late to prevent being awake at 2 or 3 am. 

 Although everyone’s biological clock has its own recovery time. The first clock that paces wakefulness and sleep is the fastest to reset. It kicks in about 48 hours.

However, the body temperature clock needs 8-10 days. And it takes two to three weeks for the melatonin and cortisol clock.

When you reach your destination, have a shower or dive into a swimming pool if there is one nearby. Cooling down makes you feel better very quickly. If this is not possible, try to cool your face or brush your teeth. It feels really good !

 Essential oils to help you overcome the jetlag fatigue and weariness

 During the three days following your arrival, prepare this concoction of essential oils:

  • 1 ml of lemon
  • 1 ml of peppermint
  • 1 ml of Ceylan cinnamon 

Put one drop of this blend under your tongue twice a day.


 But beware, not all symptoms are necessarily linked to jet lag. Dry eyes, irritated headache, nose and sinuses, dizziness, swollen feet, bloating and earache can also be (and often are) caused by dry air, pressurization, and cramped aircraft cabin.

If we should sum it up (for long haul flights)

  1. Look at the arrival hour 
  2. If you arrive in the evenings, of course the plan is not to arrive totally worn out, so sleep on the plane or do not sleep at all ( depending on the flight duration) 
  3. If you arrive on the morning , you goal is to be rested so you better sleep on the plane as much as you can. 

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