Appeared in the heart of China, the development of the Covid-19 virus now strikes France. While the epidemic is causing a lot of concern, here is an immunity boosting protocol that strengthens our resistance to the coronavirus.

What is an antibacterial gel?

Experts say that a pandemic is almost inevitable. But even if the spread of the coronavirus is rapid, it should not make us sink into fear. Let’s remember that viruses have always existed and that they have even played a major role in the formation of the cell nucleus of our cells in the same way that bacteria participate in our good health by happily colonizing us. For several decades now, viruses have also been successfully tested as therapeutic agents, particularly on certain cancers.

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How does the virus spread?

Covid-19 is a discreet but highly contagious virus because it has a strong affinity for human cells. In 80% of cases, the symptoms are mild (fever, cold, cough, fatigue) and easily go unnoticed. This explains its rapid spread, especially since there are probably many healthy carriers (people who have the virus but no symptoms). This virus is of concern because its mortality rate (1 to 3%), which increases with age, is much higher than that of seasonal flu (0.1%). On one other hand, there have been no deaths of children under 10 years of age to date. On the other hand, the current deaths recorded concern only vulnerable people (elderly or suffering from other diseases: asthma, hypertension, diabetes, cancer). Here is how to protect yourself and avoid getting sick.

Healthy living measures

The viral infection can be considered as a dialogue between the virus and our body, orchestrated by our immune system. The disease only appears if the immune balance is broken. In this case, our body momentarily loses the ability to adapt and the virus takes advantage of this to settle down instead of just passing through… It is therefore essential to preserve our natural defenses. The immune system is in close communication with the neuroendocrine system. To function optimally, this system requires an optimal lifestyle:

  • Drink enough water to avoid the drying out of the mucous membranes that renders the first protective barrier (vibratory cilia of the respiratory mucosa) inoperative.
  • Eat all the essential nutrients: vitamins (D, C), minerals and trace elements (magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, selenium), proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and 6).
  • Make sure you limit your stress as much as possible because its impact is directly measurable on immunity, by taking time out to be in contact with nature.
  • Wash  your hands frequently.
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow.
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An antiviral protocol

We propose an aromatic phyto protocol to reinforce the immune system to be taken continuously until the end of the epidemic episode (doubling the doses if you are surrounded by sick people, except for aromatherapy).

  • A Copper-Gold-Silver formula: an association of trace elements acting as a ground modifier, immunostimulant and general tonic. Take a dose in the morning on an empty stomach. Wait fifteen minutes before having breakfast.
  • Blackcurrant buds: they serve to optimize the level of functioning of the adrenal cortex, a major gland of adaptation. Take 5 to 15 drops of mother macerate (or 50 drops of 1 DH macerate), diluted in a little water, in the morning on an empty stomach, just after the Copper-Gold-Silver. You can replace the blackcurrant bud by the daily application of two drops of black spruce (Picea mariana) essential oil in the back, at the level of the adrenal glands. For children, replace with rosehip bud: the dose will be calculated in proportion to the weight (if it is a 1 DH macerate, give one drop per kilo of weight).
  • Natural  vitamin C: direct effect on immunity. Take at least 500 mg per day (adult); 100 to 500 mg for children in proportion to their weight.
  • Esssential oils by cutaneous way: antiviral, antibacterial and immunostimulating. For adults, choose the essential oil of saro (Cinnamosma fragrans), ravintsara (Cinnamomum camphora) or a mixture of the two in equal parts; apply one drop on each wrist every morning. For children from 3 years old, mix the ravintsara essential oil with the same amount of vegetable oil in a small dropper bottle
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And for the most fragile?

Protocols to chase away germs

If you are a weakened person or at risk, also add, once a week, a homeopathic dose of Thymuline 7 CH. This strain corresponds to the hormone that boosts the activity of T lymphocytes (white blood cells in the first line of defence to ensure a large part of the immune system’s reactions). Also, if you are under stress, consider supplementing with magnesium, and if your vitamin D level is too low (to be discussed with your therapist), be aware that vitamin D plays a key role in immunity. So remember to take supplements.

Limit the spread

In addition to these measures, start by cleaning the air to reduce the spread of the virus and protect your respiratory tract.

  • At home: regularly diffuse essential oils such as ravintsara, balsam fir or lemon oil once or twice a day (and up to ten minutes per hour if there are sick people) using a diffuser. You can also use ready-to-use products that do not contain aggressive essential oils, by favouring simple formulations and by following the recommendations for use.
  • In transport or in public places: put a few drops of these same essential oils or a ready-to-use mixture on a handkerchief or on a portable pebble and breathe regularly throughout the day.
  • Wash your hands several times a day and use hydroalcoholic gel
  • Drink plenty of hot water (herbal teas, teas)
  • Drink ginger
  • Protect your ears, throat and nose
  • Use tissues
  • Avoid coughing without covering your mouth
  • Disinfect your cell phones and tablets regularly
  • Clean  the surfaces you eat or work on

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Surgical mask or respirator recommendations

Surgical masks are recommended for sick people with symptoms of respiratory infection (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) and for certain contacts.

The wearing of this type of mask by the non-sick population in order to avoid catching the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is not recommended and its effectiveness has not been demonstrated. As with the seasonal flu episode, “barrier measures” are effective.

FFP2 respiratory protection is recommended only for professionals who manage and have direct contact with infected cases as part of specific management procedures

For futher information

Covid-19 - pour se protéger et protéger les autres

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Christine Cieur, docteure en pharmacie, est l’auteure du Guide Terre vivante de la santé au naturel.

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