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Our concept is based on the slow tourism which consists in discovering a destination at its own pace. More than a form of tourism, this movement is a real way of life that allows visitors to meet local people, to get off the beaten track. Humanist, local, eco-friendly, our activities show you another aspect of the city of lights, through meetings with those (artists, craftsmen, shopkeepers, inhabitants, associations) who live there and make it.           Our formula: small groups, off the -beaten-track- itineraries and commitment to the local environment and community

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Enjoy amazing tours around paris with a great team of expert guides.

Passionate about a plethora of subjects, our scholars make it a point of honor to make you “learn and discover while having fun”.

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We offer tailor-made activities and unusual walks in Paris and tailor-made tours abroad.

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Why Paris Par Rues Méconnues Is The Perfect Choice?


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Our affordable tours are fun, relaxing and help you experience the very best of sassy and charming Paris .Various tours and packages to suit your needs and budget.


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Experienced local in-destination experts we create one-of-a-kind travel experiences based on your preferences, personal needs, and trip requests. It is how you want and stress free


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As destination experts, we have been delivering unique experiences for travelers every day  since 1997. We’ve got your back.

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