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Paris Par Rues Méconnues, founded by Angénic Agnero, an iconic and cultural pioneer in participatory tourism since 1998, whose work has been awarded several times, like in 2012 by the Universal Public Welfare League at the UNESCO in Paris, is a major actor regarding participative and cultural tourism, as well as ethical journeys, possesses antennas in Paris, the French West Indies, Africa and the United States.

First touristic destination in the world, if you come to Paris, it is for its special atmosphere, for the culture, the museums and the monuments, to make some shopping and discover the French gastronomy, young or famous chefs. Nevertheless, there is another side of the French capital: more authentic and more enabling to VIP or private activities. And this is what we offer, Paris Par Rues Méconnues
Our vision sets on the Human being, sustainable development, respect of the heritage, opened mindness on the other, to put the traveler out of his elements and plunging him into local traditions.
Our friendly and knowledgeable experts in hospitality run four divisions: unusual strolls meeting the locals, creative workshops to reveal the French savoir-faire, funny and educational events, XX of the talents to be.
Relying on our network, we provide creative solutions for you to live at the fullest a unique and time saving experience.
We provide a full range of services for brands, corporates, and individuals worldwide.




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Jean-Michel, Roxanne, Belquis, Serge et Stéphane
Your bespoke passport for a journey within the Craddle of Humanity.
Our Africa-based team deals everything for from A to Z answering all your wishes and leads you to discover the ancestral traditions and wonders of the African cultural, and human very diversified heritage. Get involved in millennial ceremonies full of the Ivorian soul such as the Generation Fest, initiate yourself to the dances and enjoy typical dishes.

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Annick, Omer
Discover the French West Indies lush jungle, its intoxicating perfumed flowers and its brightly coloured fauna. Change of scenery, for your eyes as well as for your tastebuds. Dolce vita amateurs, clubbers or sports lovers, choose your vacations. Annick, your guide, will open up the doors of this paradise on Earth, smiles included and the local cocktail “ti punch” offered.

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« Every journey is the dream of a new birth. »

Jean Royer


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Ça Se Visite


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« The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. »

Marcel Proust


Thank you for the visit of last Saturday, which is a great discovery for me.

I liked a lot meeting the inhabitants and the small group which also allows to exchange our impressions between us. I also liked the small explanations in reference to the history of Paris, which I didn’t know. And the guides, of course, and the small attentions, the hot chocolate, the juice of bissap… Thank you again for the visit, I shall return certainly and bravo for your initiative, it is a beautiful project. Good day to you.

Claire 11/2016

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