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A renowned pioneer in various fields (arts, culture, gastronomy, crafts, entrepreneurship, tourism and fashion), Angénic Agnero is a humanist and philanthropic entrepreneur with much more than one single cord to her bow.

Her philosophy of life makes her a muse for the creators and designers she represents in her official ceremonies as well as her philanthropic activities, thus transforming her into a true inspiration to the various types of audiences she meets.

Although her reputation began in the early 2000s thanks to participatory tourism, her actions provide her several rewards, especially in 2012 with the Universal League of the Public Welfare for her humanistic and cultural commitments. True chameleon, reinventing herself constantly: fashion and lifestyle blogger, influencer of opinions, trendsetter, Angénic is the allegory of the ambassador of culture and the French Savoir-Faire. This blog is about all her likes


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« Every journey is the dream of a new birth. »

Jean Royer


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Ça Se Visite


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« The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. »

Marcel Proust


Thank you for the visit of last Saturday, which is a great discovery for me.

I liked a lot meeting the inhabitants and the small group which also allows to exchange our impressions between us. I also liked the small explanations in reference to the history of Paris, which I didn’t know. And the guides, of course, and the small attentions, the hot chocolate, the juice of bissap… Thank you again for the visit, I shall return certainly and bravo for your initiative, it is a beautiful project. Good day to you.

Claire 11/2016

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