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Alain Delon..In his  youthful years  he was nicknamed the most beautiful man on earth. Although the beauty is diverse and subjective, it must be admitted that  the man exuded a certain magnetism.

“After all that. Here we are it is now, Alain Delon’s turn to go before the court of virtue. It was predictable. 

The ideal target, perfect. Alain Delon is the old world, the world that must be condemned and erased."

But for me, Alain Delon, it’s not the old world. It’s the big world. The great untouchable world , inaccessible and eternal of great art. The world of dreams, of the sublime. He embodies a time that seems far away and that still makes people fantasize, of all ages and all social classes. It brings together. It gathers. Alain Delon embodies the fantasy alone. And Alain Delon, it’s not just Alain Delon, it’s also Gabin, Ventura. It is also Visconti, Losey, Melville, René Clément. It’s Tancred Falconerie, Rocco Parondi, Robert Klein and The Samurai.

This actor is not just one actor, he IS the ACTOR

The actor that embodies all mankind complexity,  with his binding lights and its dark corners.  The crazy actor, alone, free.  The one that paid the hightest price in the media because of his angel face.

 ’Some say he is pretentious. However he has always behaved and talked humbily of the directtors he worked with  prefering the focus on them as he considered them  to be the true stars.

Some say he is  capricious and unbearable He is too. Like a coffee that is too full-bodied, but whose austere aftertaste forces you to reveal a real piece of truth about yourself.

Delon, it is not the actor of the compromises nor the man of the half-measures

Il gattopardo . Luchino Visconti 

This tribute day began in the late morning with a masterclass during which he had evoked for nearly an hour and a half his memories of cinema.

He took the opportunity to pay tribute to the women who allowed him to become an actor. “It was the women who loved me, who made me do this job, who wanted me to do it and who fought for me to do it,” said the man who made films with Visconti, Melville or Antonioni.

In front a Palais des festival totally full , the actor confided “tonight is a bit of a posthumous tribute, but in my lifetime” adding “I’m leaving, but I will not leave without thanking you.” Emu to tears, the actor concluded: “if I’m a star, and that’s why I want to thank you, it’s to the public that I owe it and to no one else” before paying tribute to the two women of his life: Mireille Darc and Romy Schneider. “I just want to tell you that I’m thinking about Mireille and Romy,” he murmured in tears before leaving the stage, collapsing  and tenderly held by his daughter.

La piscine ( The Pool)  by  Jacques Deray 

It is genuinely moving this fidelity to the women whom he has passionately loved and who loved him in return 
and to recognize that without them he would hav been - is- nothing. It is also he who will impose Romy Schneider to  director Jacques Deray for the shooting of "the pool".

Delon with his longtime parter actress Mireille Darc

A tribute that caused a vivid and lively controversy on the Croisette a few days ago. Indeed, an American feminist organization had signified its  opposition to  Delon being awarded with a  Palm of Honor, accusing the actor of being “racist, homophobic and misogynist.” A petition that obtained no less than 25,000 signatures. that the director of the Festival chose to ignore, instead  honoring the wild child  of French cinema

This opinion, Delon doesn’t care about it, it doesn’t matter to him. Delon remains himself, faithful to his principles, to his line of conduct and especially to his work. It is for this work alone that he is honored, after one agrees or not with his choice of life and purpose, this lone wolf instinctive counterbalance. he is not here to be loved as a person, but appreciated as an actor.

A comedian is a vocation, a profession that is learned, it is a choice of life. An actor is a personality, strong in general, taken and put at the service of the cinema by a combination of circumstances. Alain Delon.  

Sum it up all perfectly.


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