History of France through the movies : Princesse Marie Bonaparte

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History of France through the movies:

Princess Marie
Franco-Austrian TV film in two parts by Benoît Jacquot, released in 2004

With Catherine Deneuve, Heinz Bennent and Anne Bennent

History: Great grand niece of Emperor Napoleon I, Marie Bonaparte (1882-1962), princess of Greece and Denmark, went to Vienna in 1925 to consult Sigmund Freud, the famous psychoanalyst, about her problems of sexual frigidity. Over the years, Freud became her mentor and her friend, Marie having decided to become a psychoanalyst herself. Famous, independent and rich, Marie Bonaparte used her social position and her fortune to promote Freud’s scientific theories and supported her work. She translated his books into French, and in 1938 she fought so that he fled Austria and the rise of Nazism to take refuge in London. After the death of her mentor, Marie Bonaparte will continue her work …

Princess Marie of Greece born Princess Marie Bonaparte

My opinion: 4/5. This TV show brings us into the world of Princess Marie and makes us discover the childhood and traumatic youth of the young woman: motherless at birth, Mary is considered a treasure by her paternal grandmother, and understands very quickly that if she dies, her father’s family would lose all the inheritance left by her mother, Marie Félix Blanc.