Laetitia Ky : Concious and committed artist

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Ivorian hair artist, Laetitia Ky has used her hair to speak out on rape, sexual assault and harassment.
To achieve this, she shaped her hair to speak on the #MeToo movement. Her hair portrayed a man lifting the skirt of a woman. Laetitia’s poignant expressions are when she uses her hair to highlight women rights issues.

At only 21 years old, after studying business, she decided to leave room for her creative side. First of all for her family and her own enjoyment, her snapshots posted on instagram became the highlight to spread the word about her work. It has attracted the attention of interWorld with her very personal reinterpretation of African braids  as a means of expression and social claim and the showcasing  of Africa under a different light.

As a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, as she claimed, because she identified with many disciplines such as photography, fashion and illustration.

Continuing her exploration and artistic development, radiating  positive thoughts, Laetitia is also a fashion designer and combines colorful, surprising and imaginative looks.

Therefore, I can only encourage you to take a tour on her social networks.

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Blue like A mother- Bleu comme la mère

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We like, we recommend.
New short film by Sarah-Laure Estragnat and we can expect the strong emotions, and plans well framed.

Afficher l’image source Sarah-Laure & Jean Dujardin

Her cinema leads us to question ourselves. Blue like the mother – a film by Sarah-Laure Estragnat should not be an exception.

Afficher l’image source

Produced by  Boburst Productions  with whom Sarah-Laure has been collaborating for years.            The story is simple but poignant, a situation to which we could or have all been confronted. Lola, the heroine of this story discovers in biology class the laws of genetics. Indeed, two parents with blue eyes (recessive gene) can not give birth to a child with brown eyes. But two parents with brown eyes can give birth to a child with blue eyes. Lola has brown eyes, but both her parents have blue eyes.                 Back home, she has to face the terrible truth and loses childish illusions.

The film received an Award during the 2016***Cannes Film Festival – Short Film Corner***

In 2018, it wins the price for Best Family Short Film at  l’Olympus Film Festival in  Los Angeles!

Comédiens:  Jeanne Dauny, Barbara Grau, Violaine Khal & Olivier Mag!

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RIP Yvette Horner

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How to explain to the future generations that woman’s career and the image of  France 🇫🇷 she represented ?


RIP Maurane

N’aie pas de regrets,
Pas d’amertume
Nos deux coeurs sont
Sous l’écume
Même si ces regrets 
Font tout le charme
D’un sourire pudique
Au bord des larmes
— C’est la vie – Maurane

French music lost a beautiful voice last night
I woke up to the sad news of Maurane passing in her sleep in her Bruxelles home.

Maurane had this beautiful voice, so recognizable. As smooth as it was strong.

Her passing is a huge loss.
We will miss you Maurane.


RIP Rose Laurens

Rip 🙏 Rose Laurens. [RIP] Rose Podwojny, a little more known under the pseudonym Rose Laurens, will not dance to the sound of the drums anymore , for she left us today  at the age of 65. 

Paris born , Rose has been singing since her youngest age, winning a first contest at age 8 and it was not even the school of fans that did not exist yet and where everyone won anyway.

Anyway, Rose discovers her vocation, singing and all slamming.

She enters a band under the name of Rose Merryl and meets her future author and companion who will write all her songs, because although she is known only one great success and an honorable success with its tube # mamieyoko she stops her career in full glory to take care of her companion  suffering from cancer.

A decade and a half of silence or songs that do not arrive on the decks of DJs or on radio waves … as with “Africa”.


Chance smiles again end of the 2000s, with the revival of the 80’s.

Today she is bowing out

. Goodbye Rose. Have a nice trip back to the stars

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RIP Avicii

Rip 🙏. A loss for the world of music. Avicii, the Swedish DJ who made his name in 2013, died tonight in Oman. Although the exact causes of his death are not known, it was well known that the # dj suffered from serious health problems. After an operation of the pancreas due to excessive consumption of alcohol and energy drinks in 2014, he decided to stop his career in 2016. He collaborated with such big names as Madonna, David Guetta among others … he was 28 years old

My thoughts are with his family and loved ones.
« So Sad……. So Tragic. Good Bye Dear Sweet Tim.💙 Gone too Soon. »

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Coachella 2018

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Coachella have you heard about it ? Yes ? No ? Maybe ? Not at all? The, let me tell you more about its history.   Located near ‘Indio in Southern California in the famous area around Palm Springs, the city of Coachella , at the origin was suppoed to be named Conchilla. The printer mispelled the word. And finally the name Coachella remainded.

Today, Coachella’s domination over the complex world of music festivals organization is unquestionable, thanks to the genius of Paul Tollett, its founder, who found the winning formula for musicians, stars and audiences. To blend the hype as well as  the best of the country scene,R& B, and indie-rock scenes, spreading  a message to safeguard values ​​such as the environment. He created the perfect tool to stand out, forging its reputation to attract  the media and fashion worlds as well.


RIP Jacques Higelin

Jacques Joseph Victor Higelin (18 October 1940 – 6 April 2018)
Jacques Higelin was a French Rock Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Poet.
Thoughts to his Family, Loved Ones and Fans

In the land of the damned, lonely, stranger to the first truths set forth by idiots, I had reached the bottom of misery 
... Careless misery in the soul of spring, heart beating heart wrapped in anger, by the ephemeral beauty of life ... 
Head in the air, Higelin is gone

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RIP Dolores O’Riordan

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One of the strongest, most contentious and confident voices of Ireland and the 90’s has just been extinguished.


France Gall rip

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“The doll of wax, doll of bran” just left us at the age of 70 years. Almost a month to the day after Johnny Hallyday’s death.

Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, she has collaborated with many of the French music scene including who will become her husband Michel Berger.
Years of happiness, family life, discovery of the humanitarian and travel.
Drop everything to better find each other.
She was known sick and devastated, recluse since the death of Michel Berger and her daughter Pauline.
Africa, and in particular Senegal, had given her the comfort necessary to continue to calm her life a little, to heal her wounds.
But there are pains and wounds that never close.
Rip France Gall good trip back to the stars.?

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