Kyobashi 🍢🍣🍤

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 Asian cuisine in general is one of the most appreciated in the world. Because of its diversity, its sweet and savory tastes, and so on. And among the many cuisines, the Japanese enjoys a particular craze.


Restaurant La Rotonde Menton

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A day by the sea. Looking at lady blue 🌊 to remember the sceneries of Creta and Greece 🇬🇷.Smooth transition

We headed up to Menton to have lunch at  La Rotonde Menton a charming little place, simple and friendly pour enjoy a mix of mediterannean and french food  with seafood  🍤

Menton, little sleepy town at th boarders of French Riviera with a very strong italian  

We love ❤️so we recommend  

For the taste of course, the freshness of the products, but also for the generosity in the plate. These are not mini portions to which we are entitled. Not to mention that the spectacle of the big blue face, with its majestic calm, creates an atmosphere and a unique vibe that gives the meal an extra flavor.. Price 25€

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RIP Joel Robuchon

[RIP] Joël Robuchon will feed worms and dandelions at the age of 73. Born in a modest Catholic family in Poitiers, Joel is destined to become a priest but discovers a vocation for cooking by helping the nuns to prepare the meal of the seminary in which he studies. Leaving then the chalices for the crystal glasses, he enters apprenticeship and makes the tour of France in a compagnonnage that will lead him to become Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1976.


 In 1978 he won his first two Michelin stars and will stop only becoming  the world record holder of Michelin stars with 32 simultaneous in I do not know how many restaurants around the world.

At age 50, he retired as a chef and while continuing to run his restaurants, began an audiovisual and food-industry career marketing his name and recipes to supermarket brands.


Jackpot. Who has forgotten the serioustone of his  “bon appétit of course!

Who took  the place of the entertaining “kitchen of the musketeers”? Not me, alas, but I go astray.

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Les perles de Monaco

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 Always a pleasure to come back to this restaurant with an original concept: from the sea to the plate, held by happy lurons and gourmets. @lesperlesdemontecarlo offers a seafood and fish cuisine, always fresh and tasty with the right amount of spices and olive oil of the best quality.

The wines are no desappointment. All in this enchanting setting facing the big blue makes the experience special, unique and unforgettable.

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I can only recommend you this place for all seafood and fresh food lovers


Les Perles de Monte-Carlo – Quai Jean Charles Rey, 98000 Monaco  

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm

Wednesday and Thursday  from 8pm to 11pm 

(+377) 97 77 84 31

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Mayabay Monaco

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Certainly one of the best Thai restaurants I have ever had to test. Presentation and impeccable welcome.

Two restaurants in one. A Japanese atmosphere and the other Thai in a luxurious setting with walls tinged with blood red, gold and black, but not ostentatious nor “show off”?”

Image result for mayabay monaco FOOD AND WINE

Image result for mayabay monaco
The sommelier is a pearl and wine advised a culinary highlight that does not extinguish the flavor of food

Open for 3 years, at the end of the Larvotto beaches, Maya Bay is located at the foot of the tower “The Rocabella”.

From the beginning, they played on an Asian decoration, refined, with several points of restoration: the dining room decorated with big dresses of Mandarins, a corner living room with  Chesterfield armchairs, a big exotic terrace paved with wood, where throne a beautiful, easy-going Buddha, and a lounge.

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Maya Bay Sushi Bar, at the entrance of the establishment, in a bamboo forest, there are tables decorated with cherry branches, we are in the Japanese tradition of well-being and the art of living.

Image result for mayabay monaco FOOD AND WINE

Image result for mayabay monaco FOOD AND WINE

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Adresse:  Le Rocabella, 24 Av. Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco

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Louis XV Monaco

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For over 25 years, Alain Ducasse, as a craftsman of flavors, strives to reveal the taste of the essential, popular in the Mediterranean region. Between the hinterland of Nice and Liguria, it is in the exceptional setting of its restaurant Le Louis XV that the Chef offers the Mediterranean cuisine the recognition it deserves. A kitchen of the essential, respectful of its environment and which seeks to renew the look put on the haute cuisine.

Table of Excellence The signature of the great chefs. Beautiful products, mastered technique, impeccable service and creativity of the greatest.

It is here, at Louis XV-Alain Ducasse at the Hotel de Paris, that a unique culinary repertoire is expressed, of which the Riviera is always the prodigal inspiration

The Louis XV *** (Alain Ducasse) Hotel Paris / Monte Carlo “Culinary art is an activity that requires imagination, creativity, poetry often, this particular gift of imagining marriages of tastes and flavors, but also an unstoppable technique, an intimate knowledge products and a very thorough dexterity. ” Alain Ducasse, Dictionary of food lovers. Since April 2, 2015, this restaurant is named Alain Ducasse at the Hotel de Paris. Much of the map has been renewed.

Category: Gastronomic.

Review: Very good. High price.

The Louis XV celebrates 25 years, or rather 25 years under the direction of Alain Ducasse and makes it known in all the gourmet restaurants of the group via a marketing operation conducted and labeled “25 years”

Next year at the same time, the restaurant Alain Ducasse of the Hotel de Paris will have reinstated its historic hall. During the works, the whole team moved to the gardens. The restaurant seats 50 in the Rotonde wing, facing the sea, and the brigade is installed in the kitchen of the brewery. Everything has been anticipated with care.

For Gourmets 360 €
The Gardens of Provence 240 €
The Riviera Luncheon 165 € (195 € with 2 glasses of wine)
Card from € 200 (excluding drinks)
Type of restoration
3 stars in the Michelin Guide
Gourmet journeys by Alain Ducasse, infinitely combining all the flavors and flavors of the South. 


Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse à l’Hôtel de Paris
place du Casino
98000 Monaco
Tél. +377 98 06 88 64
Menus : 165, 195, 240, 330 €
Carte : 400 €


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St Arnould Of Metz And The Beer Miracle

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The Crème de la Crème

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Cream of the crop ! What a chance for me to attend this tasting, getting to learn more about French and Italian gastronomy.


Le Petit Prince de Paris

Enter the restaurant as we would dive into 1500 years of history! The building with its elegant and refined frontage is located on the side of the Saint Geneviève Mountain, near the Collège de France, the Sorbonne and the Contrescarpe, within the set of the Old Paris ancient housing  which we like to remember the history so much.


Bénédictine: A liquor History

Benedictine! a palace as a haven for a historic liquor (Fécamp)