Milan On The Plate

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We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost.”  To know a city is a pleasure constantly renewed and in terms of pleasures one of the most important is the culinary pleasure. Because a city, a civilization is also discovered by the plate. After Berlin, Athens, Heraklion, I give you my favorites ..and fork on the Lombard capital: Milan

Italian of course, from regions like Sicily or Emiglia Romagna, but also Japanse. Get on board !!


Linguine al astice. Buona vigilia. Si comincia la ‘dieta’. 😎🦐🍝 (presso L’Isola del Tesoro | Ristorante , Pizzeria, Grill)

L’Isola Del Tesoro
Ideally located close to the Cathedral, this friendly restaurant whose emblem is the flag of Sardinia, and the name is a nod to Robert-Louis Stevenson. And indeed we go on an  culinary adventure. Warm welcome, exclusively male staff, and if the cuisine is essentially Italian, it has the merit of presenting vegetarian dishes  and gigantic plates and especially very well stocked.
Warmly recommended 

#milano🇮🇹❤️Buona cena tesorini. Ramen! 😊🍻🍜💕 #japan 🇯🇵 #ramen #food #love #dinner #milan #chopsticks #meatballs #eggs 🍳 Zazà Ramen, noodle bar & restaurant)

 A mystery that ‘s this restaurant whose name is in reference to a manga, but who finally explains everything is. You tell me “ramen” is Japanese, and so are noodles, pasta is some kind of equivalent right ?. But who are also big pasta eaters? And yes I give it to you:  Italians. Even more surprising, the owner is Dutch, studied in Paris with Pierre Hermé, then Milan with Gualtiero Marchesi before taking a 180 degree turn when he decided to open restaurants. And big badaboum 2013 sees the opening of Zaza Ramen. A Japanese influenced Italian who offers neither sushi, sashimi or other yakitori: only ramens in the purest and simplest Japanese tradition .. And delicious my captain !!

Zaza Ramen

Adresse Via Solferino, 48 | 20121 Milano. Ouvert 12h-15h /19h-23h Tel+39 02 3679 9000

When food looks too good to be eaten

 Fallen upon by chance, I discovered the work of   Yujia Hu, A Chinese chef born in Italy and now based in Milan, has combined food and fashion together in a beautiful blend to present the world with his latest culinary creations, sushi shoes. 

theonigiriart par /by Yujia Hu 胡宇佳
theonigiriart par /by Yujia Hu 胡宇佳

Son site 

Ceviche, pomodorini freschi, polpo bollito e basilico. 🌶️🍅🥄🦑🐙 🌊#fresh #fish #gourmet 🐟
Filetto fresco di #tonno scottato con semi di #sesamo. Voto: 8 😊🥗🍴🥃🐟 #fish #fresh #tuna Borgo di Vione)

It’s a  10/10. No complaints. The place is just beautiful and I’m not sure the words would do it justice. The staff friendly  and welcoming, considerate

without being intrusive. Exquisite Sicilian cuisine with fresh products.This is reflected in the palate and the crispy products. And I recommend tiramisu pistachio

Borgi Di Vione
Borgo Di Vione

Adresse Via Cascina Vione 420080 Basiglio, Italia +39 02 9075 415. Ouvert de 19h à 23h

Il Tavolino

Un limoncello offert en guise de verre de bienvenue.. Sympa. Sourire en option.. Mais cela devait être un jour sans !Ce qui m’a plus: la cuisine authentique et vraiment bonne . Pain fait maison. Risotto (noix,oignon confit et gorgonzola) à tomber par terre. Tarifs vraiment abordables. Je vous recommande les pâtes et les pizzas

Adresse :Via Generale Gustavo Fara 2320124 Milan, Italie +39 02 670 3520

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