Monaco Brasserie

When my best friend told me ” Come on Angie, let’s do something fun and unusual” I just raised eyebrow . But I rolled with the flow .

Here we go, heading to Monaco Harbour

Strolling along the promenade to meet my cousin Valentina, my best friend and myself and arrive in front of “The Brewery of Monaco”. Desperate look between my cousin and I.

Consternation. So bewildered I even start to suspect it was some kind of a prank half expecting a tv hst with his crew to storm in yelling it was an episode of the twilight zone for the hidden camera.


I look at the menu; meat and beer !! Do not eat meat, you think that I did not go there to enjoy ..haha. As for the beer, let’s say thank you but no thank you ….However no choice this a special for us : visit of the beer tanks along with the mandatory explanations. Cannot be turned down

One hour timelapse of teaching to discover some of the secrets of brewed beer making.

  • Crushing: Before brewing, the malt is crushed in a stripped cylinder crusher.
  • Mashing: Mashing is the first step in brewing, which consists in dipping and stirring the crushed malt in hot water in order to extract the starch contained in the malt.
  • Filtration At the end of the pasting, the brewer filters the liquid part called must by simply passing it through the solids, that is to say the residues of exhausted malt (grain shell, insoluble particles) which are called the dredges
  • Cooking the must, The must is boiled vigorously in a must boiler for many minutes (between 1 and 2 hours depending on the beer profiles).
  • Cooling After boiling, the must still cloudy contains residues of hops and proteins which decant at the bottom of the tank.
  • Bottling After fermentation the beer is now good to be withdrawn, that is bottled, cans or barrels.

An exciting masterclass that opened up my appetite. Fortunately, there are meatless sweets and salads – I took the Monegasque_ fresh and delicious

The restaurant Brasserie de Monaco menu

  • Starters
    • 12 € Caesar   Salad
    • 12 € Warm cheese goat salad with ham  
    • 12 € Nicoise Salad  
  • Main Course
    • 14 € Club Rosbeef  
    • 14 €Herculis Burger  
    • 20 € Entrecôte maître d
  • Dessert
    • 7 € Tiramisu cookies  
    • 7 € Pie of the day  
    • 7 € Café gourmand  

Location: 36 Route de la Piscine, Port Monte Carlo, La Condamine 98000, Monaco

We love it and so we recommand this place.

For the taste of course, the freshness of the products, but also for the generosity in the plate. These are not mini portions to which we are entitled. Not to mention that thegraceful show of lady blue spread in front of us , with its majestic calm, creates an atmosphere and a unique vibe that gives the meal an extra flavor.

What more one can ask for ?

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