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Isis Temple

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Isis gives knowledge to humanity. The goddess Isis venerated as a goddess-mother and goddess-universal is worshiping beyond Egypt.

 However, we do not know the origins of the goddess. In the Late Era, Isis was already worshiped in Egypt and on the island of Philae in Upper Egypt. We do not know the city that gave birth to Isis whose name means “seat” or “throne”. It is under the Ptolemies that the cult of Isis extends to Rome and Greece. There are festivals, temples and priests. In Greece, Isis is assimilated to Demeter, Persephone, Ceres and Selene. Rome adopts Isis in the Imperial Age where she is worshiped with Serapis.

Man owes to Isis and Hermes the hieroglyphs and the demotic (simplification of the hieratic, itself simplification of the hieroglyphs). If for the Greeks the inventor of the writing is Hermes, for the Egyptians it is about Thot, lunar god and master of knowledge. Indeed, Isis has spread the use of beautiful writing to bring a civilization within her people. It is again Isis who endows the Greeks and barbarians with a language.

The goddess reigns alongside her brother Osiris in peace and wisdom. Together, they ruled men with equity  removing them from their primitive state. Humanity is endowed with laws but also with a conscience that distinguishes good from evil. Isis also makes justice happen. She is the deity who allows the good to triumph. She also has the means to punish and reward. Isis also invented the arts to which she initiated men.

As a benevolent goddess, Isis discovered wheat and wild barley, made them known to Osiris who passed them on to men. Isis gave birth to agriculture. By turning men away from anthropophagy (cannibalism in Greek: anthropos (man) and phagein (to eat)) she and her brother Osiris taught them to grow wheat and feed on something other than human flesh by breadn.

 The couple also teaches men to build cities. Isis therefore represents the land of Egypt annually fertilized by the waters of the Nile. Often, Osiris symbolizes the sun and Isis the habitable land. With a wise and just reign Isis and Osiris restore peace in the world ending the killings and regimes of tyrants. The world in the grip of barbaric massacres and violence regains some prosperity.

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