Let’s get big in. #japan🇯🇵. So glad my #fantastic4 – helped for sure- by my former agent Miki organized this surprise trip for me. It’s such a blessing to be their mom.. Long trip, but hey #thaiairways has all it got. Even a #vegan menu. Couldn’t be happier.

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toujours un moment magique – always a magical moment
– le menu vegan/ the vegan menu

 Nikunotoriko Restaurant in Roppongi district
The kids wanted to show methat beautiful architecture and jungle vibe. They only serve meat and salad.. With meat. So it’s of course a big no no no no. 🍖🥓🥩😱🤮, and we left
Hard to adapt #jetlagged😴
Even start my day with a plate of fruits as breakfast at 4pm..yeah yeah getting old 😁

Nikunotoriko Restaurant -Roppongi

Nikko, .. on our way to the japanese countryside on this very early in the morning. Magical. Shinkyo Bridge in Nikko is almost 400 years old, and is considered one of the “Three Greatest Bridges In Japan” I love that bridge.

Shinkyo Bridge

 One of the 3 most important waterfalls in the area.
20 meters high. The Japanese poet #matsuobasho rendered its beauty in a poem. 

Les cascades Urami/ Urami fall, Nikko, Japan 裏見の滝

 All these emotions have deepened our appetite and before continuing further with our exploration, a break is essential. Dango for snack time! お団子。
Art from the edo Era (1615-1868) a period of sophisticated art, way of living initiated by the chonin meaning people of the block. It can be seen as the Renaissance movement in Europe. Because before that Era Japan was at war internally and had an agrarian economy. It was during this era that the tea ceremony was invented..🍵

dango お団子。
cérémonie du thé- Tea ceremony

travelled back in time to the edo period. 日光江戸村。It is always good to thank for each blessing, blessing and those simple little things that really matter most. So visit Buddhist temples and return to the past in this farwest Japanese city that remained frozen in the Edo era is part of it. 


🏯⛩️✒️ #calligraphie
Ancient Japanese didn’t contain Hiragana nor Katakana, only Kanji. I’m pretty glad nowadays it has become a bit easier with the use of  #katana et #hiragana

Calligraphie kanji

As beautiful as its parisian sister

Shiodome & Tokyo, Shiodome (汐留)

🎏🍢🥡🍡🍤 — 

🎏🍢🥡🍡🍤 — at 板前寿司 愛宕店/ItamaeSushi Atago.

NAMAFU. A traditional #Japanese dish a bit like #mochi in texture, but made with #gluten-free flour instead of rice. Served with a slightly bitter #miso sauce.


japan #hakone #art🎨🖼️ #italianinspiration #venezia #murano
 Spent 3 superb hours to rediscover a little of the spirit of my dear Italy in the land of the rising sun. All the beauty of the art of glass blowing, especially Murano .

Hakone Venetian Glass Museum
Venetian Glass Museum (箱根ガラスの森美術館
Théâtre No.🎎🎭
Baie de Tokyo- Tokyo Bay

Soirée dans la baie de Tokyo sur un de ces “bateaux du plaisir” autrefois fréquentés par la haute société et les #geishas. Ces femmes “super prostituées” de luxe éduquées dans l’art de la #poesie#calligraphie #chantlyrique #musique et surtout l’art de la conversation. Un endroit original et magnifique pour fêter mon anniversaire en famille

Noel magique avec diverses illuminations 🎄🌲🎅🤶🎁🌲. Bien que ce ne soit pas entièrement dans leur religion, les Japonais chrétiens ou pas aiment les fêtes de Noel pour l’esprit de partage 

Noel- Christmas 🎄🌲🎅🤶🎁🌲
Illuminations Christmas lights

Dans le quartier de Minato-Ku, un sapin vraiment super #ecolo alimenté de leds fonctionnant avec l’énergie solaire accumulée dans la journée, change de couleurs toutes les minutes la nuit.

Faire la tournée des grands ducs.


Le dernier recours quand tout le reste est fermé. Le #karaoke🎵🎶🎼🎤

nakano karaoke

Plants are covered in straw — a custom known as shimoyoke (霜除け) or frost protection — to protect them against winter cold. The rope framework around the tree is called yukitsuri (雪吊; yuki = snow, tsuru = to hang or suspend), and it also protects the tree against heavy snow. Here in Tokyo both are mostly used as decoration, since it doesn’t snow heavily in the city itself.

A juste 20 minutes de train 🛤️🚂🚇🚄de Shinagawa Station.
Pour les amateurs d’espace et de plein air ainsi que de belles carrosseries.

Shinagawa Station

Je vous rassure aucun #Godzilla n’a été tué. C’est du théâtre de rue🎭

Quelques vues de certains des aspects les plus adorables et insolites de la ville.

Je recommande .
Hôtel Gracery Shinjuku.
#Godzilla😁 Le café peut sembler étrange mais il est juste délicieux et inventif niveau présentation. De plus on a du #vegan.
Hôtel Gracery Shinjuku.
#japan 🇯🇵
Petite rétrospective vidéo. Je vous laisse découvrir ou re-découvrir.

Domo arigato gozaimasu #japan🇯🇵

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