She has worked in the fields of Fashion and Decoration with as a material of predilection the textile. Her artistic work is thus today the result of an intimate dialogue with the fabrics showing the exploration of the material itself. She works largely from worn and used fabrics. She carries volumes sculptures. No sewing. She cuts the fabric into small pieces. Superimposed with each other, these small pieces thus assembled with glue take shape.
Her art works look like relics thanks to a meticulous work, playing subtly with contrasts. No matter the dimensions, she adapts to everything starting from a seed. Sensitive to the issues of disabled people ( blinds, deafs) she always create s thinking about what is is gonna be like for them to touch, feel the material as well s emotions.
For what is engraved in the rock is almost immutable, she treats stone as her equal; True respect and tribute, our artist nourishes a deep complicity with it. At each step, a real exchange is born, a work of listening and a relationship where there is not only force but also energy emerging every time her tool comes in contact with the material. This quiet force loves challenges and works with even the toughest granites. If each stone has its own identity, she reveals what is inside the heart of each one.
Japanese artist who works with the ancestral technique of his country, "origami". She composes thousands of papers folded to have the abstract shape of her sculpture. A very small folding of paper, incorporates several hidden facets ... She finds a life there, the hidden stories, the memories shelter in the folds.
Of all these bodies, too, she borders on the contours, she draws the void. She caresses them, skinned alive, bits of pitcher, she dresses them, a man of paper, a man of wood, a man of land, a man of bast. A lightweight blanket that pervades these facets.
Story-teller, she also directs stories building moving sculptures. Stories talking for themselves in a space in perpetual recomposition. The quest for balance is at the heart of these stories: between heaven and earth, between grace and disenchantment, it is in this precise and fragile point that the origin of the movement nests.
After abstract explorations (Realities News), she has been absorbing herself as a figurative expressionist during fifteen years. But for the last three years, the artist has opened up another period that could be described as imaginary. Working essentially with mud, soil, this new phase invites her to invest the color, and to think sculpture under a new perspective as formal as pictorial.
She likes above all to work the material, vibrations of colors, lines and light. This is why her work is on the fringe of the figurative and the abstract because it is at the frontier of both genres that she enjoys exercising her Art.
Her eyes on Paris are in search of small tasty slices of everyday life: cafes and their funny characters, java dancers, end-market gleaners. Fixed movements. Time stops in the middle of the java.
She claims that the dialogue between Sculpture and her childhood universe as a farmer's daughter, is the source from which a poetic and fantastic arborescent universe is created.
Mixing volume and graphics, her work has developed itself for several years in a series of projects that feed on each other. One idea calls for another, thus creating continuity and shaping her universe.
This artist is not one of those artists who get involved without a project and work only from their intuition. Each step of the work is the fruit of a vast reflection constantly questioned. A real excavation site where it scratches layer by layer the veins of the invisible, it locates one by one the elements of her research to collect them, to unveil as a whole the composition that once belonged to the archeology of the future.
She seeks to capture the spirit, the flavor, of a place or a moment. Fugitive visions, contemplations that are engraved in her memory. In the notebooks that accompany her, sketches, notes of colors, taken from life. The trait, the colors seek the essential: light, sensations and emotions, encounters.
This artist examines the urban landscape, the personal universes that intersect with it, and the perception of reality to detect its beauty and freeze the present moment before it changes into the past. Her works enjoy the everyday life while engaging in a contemporary way. Through various techniques, she gives us to see a world where a part of unreal invites us to remind ourselves that our gaze is creative and impacts our reality.
Her engravings are the result of a collection of thoughts, references, influences, but above all, they have shown her the power and the need to dream.
Nomadic artist whose work is between archeology and anthropology a contemporary version of Etruscan art and eco-friendly urban recycling. Masks, which are remnants of our society.
This Franco-Argentine artist and activist lives between Paris and the Marne. Her work is autobiographical. It is multi-referential and multifaceted, all openings are possible: the artist acts in the most formal and critical freedom. She recycles the past as well as her own work by going back and forth: she proposes to give new directions to previous images. She touches almost all materials.
Before the first blows of tools, she tries to go through a work of writing. The work maturation triggered cleanses her purpose. And these first "blows" represented by the words, help her to get rid of the superfluous and the anecdotal. Then she can cut directly into the material, especially the wood that is her favorite way of expression.
Inspired and in love with the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ogaden and Southern Red Sea Islands) and South Arabia (Yemen, Hadramawt, Dofar, Oman and Socotra), this artist work reflects of his numerous travels and his passion.
From stone animals, bodies or even moons are conceived, developed , created , everything call for serenity and appeasement. Pushing the boundaries of matter, giving humanity to the stone while retaining its brutal and dense character, she carves the rock with precision and finesse. Every stone bends under her wrist, whetever it is alabaster, marble, or granite. Her work, full of emotions, gives sculpture another dimension.
Digging, digging, digging again
The depths of the underground regions
Speleo-explorer of the invisible
Extracting the raw heart from things
Up this surface
To bring it to light
The artist in her own words: From a literary education I approached in the first place the writing and the poetry and in 1990t I discovered the plastic arts. Attached to an architecture agency specializing in creating structures for children, I create my first structures of water games, architectural spaces 'Gaudien style'. This experience leads her at first to sculpture, including direct stone cutting and then bronze casting with lost wax.
Kinesitherapist since 1991, observing, touching, modeling, mobilizing the bodies of her patients is her everyday life, anatomy: her favorite. It is almost naturally that the desire to touch, to model the soil, the mud has came back to her. In 1998, she began her work as a shaper since it is a true passion, an engine, a revelation. For her, the soil is a magical material that offers infinite possibilities. Bronze is the culmination.
The artist in her own words: Initially the search for balance was imposed. From various species of wood, I have created light sculptures whose arches in tension are assembled, opposed, superimposed, juxtaposed ....
For years, this sculptor has been working on animal bones. This is very hard to tell because when one discovers the compositions of the artist, this is not obvious. His work is close to painting in a way, because of the volumes within, on which are unrolled and myriad of white elements in relief, that can evoke ceramics, precious woods worked on for a long time, books in order on shelf, a sea of ​​ice, stalactites, fragments of lost continents from an the sky.
In the enthusiasm of creativity he dances with colors, forms and his universe joins the ether. When his eye stops, he already dreams what happens behind him and his hands raise the detail that offers to be carried away. He has explored drawing, painting, photography and sculpture to bring us to discover the prism of life. Our perception is in perpetual movement because it surprises us by its evidences that we had not discovered by ourselves.
The rhythm of the seasons, the depth of days, the cadence of detours offered by life construct her projects, her images, this is what she wants to witness in front of us ,by giving to see, to look at, to share.
Her look is particularly focused on nature, the landscape, she scrutinizes graphic design, skinning, and materials, the arbor-gasoline panel is a good example.
This artist works with words and stone. For the last twenty years, he has been cutting - alabaster, gypsum or marble, in organic and sensual forms close to nature. The words occurred five years ago with the encounter of a concise form of poetry corresponding to his sculpture, the Japanese haiku.
She pierces the secrets of the stained glass and transports it to another level. Virtuoso of the assemblage of these pieces of glass generally colored, she creates art objects modeling the material at her will. She plays with forms, through wisely worked puzzles where pieces of blown glass are transformed into lamps, mirrors, vases .... Her works reflect a genuine artistic style.
Our artist was born in a family of artists. She came to artistic creation by styling which gave her the taste of working with fabric and papers. As a painter, she defines herself essentially as a "textile sculptor" and a "papierist." She sculpts known or anonymous characters and animals, from a metal frame that she dresses in painted fabrics. It is a whole universe that runs through her studio.
In her works, terracotta patinated or bronzes to the expanded forms, she tries to grasp and translate the various expressions of femininity.

« Every journey is the dream of a new birth. »

Jean Royer


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Ça Se Visite


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« The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. »

Marcel Proust


Thank you for the visit of last Saturday, which is a great discovery for me.

I liked a lot meeting the inhabitants and the small group which also allows to exchange our impressions between us. I also liked the small explanations in reference to the history of Paris, which I didn’t know. And the guides, of course, and the small attentions, the hot chocolate, the juice of bissap… Thank you again for the visit, I shall return certainly and bravo for your initiative, it is a beautiful project. Good day to you.

Claire 11/2016

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