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Treat your taste buds to a global tour of flavors with these food itineraries. The only prerequisite: a healthy appetite.

Paris lives an historic love affair with fine food and generous wines. Food is an important part of any trip to France in general and Paris in particular, with a wide range of fresh, local ingredients and various styles of cooking and eating experiences available. 

French cuisine is well-known and keeps up to its reputation; however, our  culinary tours offer a more in-depth experience, with the chance to sample a wide range of authentic flavors, exchange with the chefs and local traders too. Always in a friendly atmosphere.


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The Guilty Pleasure – Chocolate

A feast for your taste buds. Wander around our favorite spots for a couple hours and drool over the upcoming explosion of sweetness and refinement!

time 2h30

tag 46€

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Les Bacchantes (Wine tasting)

Good, good wine, you make me feel so fine! Willing to sample and learn about France’s finest and worldwide famous
wines? You’ve come to the right place!

time 2h30

tag 55€

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Foie gras (From November to February)

Foie gras translates literally into “fat liver,” is produced from the livers of geese or
ducks. Foie gras, however, is an ancient delicacy …

time 2h30

tag 130€

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Exotic Tasting

Bringing you the exotic taste of Africa and the Caribbean the healthiest way. No matter the weather; hot or cold,you might want to grab ahold of drops of joy …

time 2h30

tag 60€

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Tasting of artisanal Ice Creams (From May To September)

A very enjoyable tour to find out more about what makes our accomplice Ice Creams so unique and leave us willing to explore tastes,cultures and seasons …

time 2h30

tag 46€

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Cheese tasting

What would French gastronomy be without its infinite variety of cheeses? And if we dare say: some very smelly cheeses. Counting no less than 300 different types, …

time 2h30

tag 55€

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Local products tasting

Read France as a region map with all is local particularities. Embark on a tour of France through the plate. This tasting is an invitation, to visit the regions …

time 2h30

tag 60€

« Every journey is the dream of a new birth. »

Jean Royer


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Ça Se Visite


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« The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. »

Marcel Proust


Thank you for the visit of last Saturday, which is a great discovery for me.

I liked a lot meeting the inhabitants and the small group which also allows to exchange our impressions between us. I also liked the small explanations in reference to the history of Paris, which I didn’t know. And the guides, of course, and the small attentions, the hot chocolate, the juice of bissap… Thank you again for the visit, I shall return certainly and bravo for your initiative, it is a beautiful project. Good day to you.

Claire 11/2016

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