Madame de Pompadour – The Ideal Maîtresse

Born into a non-aristocratic family, at 9 years old a fortuneteller predicted that she would one day reign over the heart of a King. Henceforth she was groomed by her family to become the mistress of Louis XV, his ideal lover.

Her Level-Up Story:
  • They arranged private education at home with the best teachers of the day who taught her dancing, drawing, painting, engraving, theatre, the arts, and the ability to memorize entire plays.
  • At 19 she married her wealthy “starter Huband” and her knew marital status allowed her to frequent celebrated salons in Paris, which where frequented by many of the cultural elite and philosophers of the enlightenment like Voltaire and Montesquieu 
  • Within these circles she learned the fine art of conversation and developed the sharp wit for which she would later become known at Versailles.
  • She also made the right connections with people who later introduced her into the royal court.
  • There she managed to catch the eye of the king, who was so smitten by her, that he made her his official mistress.
  • She was the first civic woman to receive the title of the Maitresse en titre and also received the title as a Marquise.
  • Determined to make her place at court secure, Pompadour quickly mastered the highly mannered court etiquette and attempted to forge a good relationship with the royal family. 
  • She was later elevated to duchess and then to lady-in-waiting to the queen, the most noble rank possible for a woman at court.

Her Strategy

  • She knew the kings weakness: his chronic boredom.
  • It is easy for kings to be bored. Everything they want is given to them and they seldom learn to be satisfied with what they have. 
  • The Marquise de pompadour dealt with this by bringing all sorts of fantasies to life and creating constant suspense with visual delights
  • She always wore different clothes and costumes, each one elegant and surprising and it’s own way - Madame de Pompadour et les arts - Salmon, Xavier - Livres
  • She changed not only her color but their style, supplying the king the constant feast for his eyes.
  • Whenever your attention is individualized, meaning you would not dress like that for anyone else, it is infinitely more seductive.
  • If ever the king seemed bored or sad, Madame de Pompadour I would propose some project. He would have to advise in the design, the layout of the gardens, the Decor, theatre etc.
  • The room was always warm and was filled with a delightful sense. 
  • Her manner was always lighthearted, she was never defensive or resentful.

She knew of the King’s secret yearning

  • Often a person’s ideal is expressed in contradiction. 
  • King Louis XV seemed to care only about chasing deer and young girls but that in fact covered up his disappointment in himself.
  • He yearned to have his nobler qualities flattered. 
  • His previous series of mistresses had tickled only his sensual desires. In Madame de Pompadour he found a woman who made him feel greatness in himself. 
  • The other mistresses could easily be replaced but he could never find another Madame de Pompadour.
  • He remained devoted to her until her death.

Source: The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

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