Our Drama of Paris

107 years to build 
800 years standing
5 minutes to burn
~Oh, the bells of Notre Dame~

Our lady of Paris  once looked like that

First  photogrphy of Our Lady of  Paris,  back in 1842.

She was covered with long black  veils to mourn  during the  obsequies of the Royal Prince, Ferdinand-Philippe d'Orléans, eldest son of King Louis-Philippe.

We’ve known her that way from the end of the 19th century until April 15, 2019  6.48pm.

And the 15th of April 2019: the horror of hell breaking loose!

Paris is crying. The hearts of the Parisians and their friends are bleeding in front of Our Lady in flames. In this misfortune, there are no wounded to deplore, fortunately.

We can thank all those who work to ward off this tragedy, in the first place firefighters.

The Heritage Foundation announces a national fundraising  SOS Paris will broadcast it

Here’s the message of hope that the famous opera La Fenice in Venice addresses us:

“We burned twice, but twice we rose from our ashes, stronger. We are by your side friends, so do not be afraid! ” wrote the La Fenice via its Twitter account, whose name means” the phoenix “in Italian.

Perhaps in  moments like this will we understand  that the wonders of our heritage are priceless riches that belong to us  all. Their loss is irremediable and their preservation indispensable.

I had just landed from Coachella. Just got off the plane, mobile connected and saturated with messages, SMS, videos that  my team sent me.

Our heart, Our Lady, Our God. Our civilization. I am devastated 💔🙏🇫🇷😭

My heart hurts for my France 🇫🇷

I think I screamed like a beast in agony seeing the spire collapse.

Ne pouvant rester immobile et en dépit d’un sacré décalage horaire, je me suis rendue sur la place de celle qui fut sauvée deux siècles plus tôt par les écrits d’un poète aussi révolutionnaire que visionnaire. Victor Hugo enchanta le tout Paris qui , à la lecture du ” Bossu de Notre Dame” se décida à entamer les travaux nécessaires afin que Quasimodo et Esmeralda puissent continuer à être protégés  sous la vigilance acérée des gargouilles et la vigilance des Saints et Rois Mérovingiens protecteurs du bâtiment , tandis que les Rois Bourbon Louis XIII et son fils Louis XIV prient et remercient la Vierge pour sa pieta , la suppliant de protéger le royaume des Lys en dépit de ses péchés.

Unable to remain motionless and in spite of a jet lag, I went to Notre Dame square to watch  the one  saved two centuries earlier by the writings of a poet who was both a revolutionary and a visionary. Victor Hugo enchanted the whole Paris with his book ” The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and saved her. The authorities decided to begin the necessary restaration and preservation work so that Quasimodo and Esmeralda could keep on being  protected under the sharp eyes of the gargoyles and the vigilance of the Saints and Merovingian Kings protectors of the building, while the Bourbon Kings Louis XIII and his son Louis XIV pray and thank the Virgin for her pieta, begging her to protect the Kingdom of the Lilies despite its sins

Pray; This is what the  Parisians and tourists did,  all united in an impetus of faith and solidarity: by belief, by fear, by regret, by love .. who knows? What does  matter is the  beauty of the unity and the songs was so moving.

It took me a long time to try to comprehend and digest  all the horror and the absurdity, the paradox and the cruelty let’s say it. More than 60 million euros unblocked in record time to rebuild Notre Dame, but why do those who lead us politically, economically, never have  back pocket money  when it comes to saving lives and our planet?

But this is another  battle, another one to keep on waging. Two days of questioning, doubts, listening, fear and hope.

I went back to the Cathedral. Salutary.

 The most imortant had been saved and protected no irreversible damage  done, no human life lost or person deadly wounded.

Of course  the shock is still there, but the emotion is less raw.

I’ve tried to start writing it several times already, but I physically could not comprehend what was happening.

Watching the video of the spire falling, I felt my heart break. The Notre Dame, as with many historical sites, represents more than when it was built. It represents every day, every moment in human history since someone said ‘hey, let’s build something here’. It’s our connection to the past, and the certainty of the future.

We are losing more than 850 years of history. We are losing the ability to show future generations that history. This is part of that legacy. This moment will be known as the moment the Notre Dame burned.

Future historians will teach about the fire, the causes, the response. They will talk about the millions of people worldwide who joined together in solidarity. They will talk about the people gathered, holding hands, praying, singing.
In tragedy comes humanity.
Protect your history.
It will be the future.

Today, after seeing that the damage is less important or cruel than we thought, I just say Praise he Lord, You still love us despite of it all: preserving what matters most. Today I know for sure that Notre Dame will live on. A fire doesnt change that. but if it reminds us to hold onto those things we know are precious, that have meaning to us, that we sometimes forget, then I say nothing has really been lost.

The artistry, yes. the labor of the people it took to create it, yes. but wood, stone, glass – these things do not retain memory, retain meaning. we do. we give it to them. we will give it to them again.

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