Résous-Moi 2019 aka Solve Me 2019: the 10th year anniversary edition

The Art of  involving yourself in another way !

Organized by Paris Par Rues Méconnues, a company specializing in tourism and events, "Solve Me: I Am The Link I Weave" is a humanitarian and multidisciplinary festival
 that takes place in the Grand Belleville for 3 days, during which the public can meet artists, designers, models, traders during a fun track game. 
All complemented by concerts, street art, carnivals, conferences and workshops.

The festival occupies 5 key locations on the Grand Belleville, and extends its programming to fifteen Parisian structures and the Region with which the event is co-organized.    The majority of the activities of the festival are free: (picnic, batucada …) The others are at a very affordable price in order to allow the greatest number to enjoy it (treasure hunt, concert starting at 5 €).    The sums are donated to support access to education in France as well as in Burkina Faso via the Baobab project.   The next edition will take place from July 5th to 7th, 2019.   And will be the 10th

Paris Par Rues Méconnues, in the framework of “Solve Me: I Am The Link That I Weave” is at the same time a talents revealer and a touristic events organizer .
Getting our fuel from exchanging positive vibes and artistic discoveries, we formed a team of professionals whose aim is to combine all our skills to the service of projects meaningful to us:
such as the the Baobab project. The heart of the project lies in our thirst for discoveries from here and elsewhere but above all to share it with others.
Beyond everything it is an human adventure within the team, with the artists and our partners, but also and especially with the public who has seen the project evolve since
its beginnings expanding over time.

Specialized in ethical artistic events, Paris Par Rues Méconnues organizes from July 5th to  July 7th, 2019, the tenth edition of the Festival “Solve Me: I Am The Link That I weave”, unique multidisciplinary event around the new forms of involvement and volunteering.

A fashion show with  confirmed  and new comers designers in an atypical and enchanting place of the 11th district of Paris, to which is added a pop-up store throughtout  the weekend, all these activities will come to mingle with our traditional treasure hunt. Various cultural paths, fun and artistic all over  the Grand Belleville, enhanced by artistic performances (music, exhibitions & street carnivals),

This event will promote young creators and artists, as well as associative structures whose goal, common to Paris Par Rues Méconnues,
is to offer both new opportunities for engagement to visitors of the festival and a showcase to our partner organizations for the success of the baobab project.

This project consists in setting up a strategy with social economy projects (in particular in the field of sustainable tourism, but also in fair trade,
among others) and to make these projects pilots who can then be set up by other actors.

The idea is to provide our expertise, to train and support young people as well as mothers who become project leaders of this region of the world for the development of a new economic model wwith  benefit centered on the social , economic and sustainable impact.

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