Résous-Moi 2020 aka Solve Me

Save The Date:  The new edition of  Résous-Moi: Je Suis Le Lien Que Je Tisse ( Solve-Me: I Am The Link That I Weave) , will take place from July 3rd to 5th 2020 at La Cartonnerie Paris.

For 11 years now our charitable and multidisciplinary festival keeps on breaking down the prejudices around, inside and about the fashion industry: one of the most prominent and which (should -perhaps-) be the most bearer of universal values, to support humanitarian causes “dedicated to the “improving the lives of those who live in adversity”

Christian Siriano’s SS20 collection

Résous-Moi  aka Solve Me in English  was born in Paris in 2009 and was at first a block party showcasing the human, crafty, gastronomic and artistic diversity of the 20th arrondissement as well as the northeastern part of the city of lights. Then in 2012  the dynamic changed when an NGO asked us for  help in the Philippines to rescue children victims of sexual abuses.

 Since then, Résous-Moi, though keeping in mind the original concept of” learning through fun” , has spread its wings to embrace global causes, raising awareness about sanitary disasters, access to education, empowerment of women, sustainable development, entrepreneurship, to name a few.

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