Saint Denis Street

The street Saint-Denis is known as the white wolf in Paris.

It was for a long time the heart of prostitution in the capital. If today, the girls of joy are more discreet, it remains a street with a sulphurous reputation.

It is first of all its geographical situation which played a role in the installation of brothels in this street. Indeed, it is an important place of passage since its creation by the Romans in the 1st century. Then, it is used as royal way to go from the Pont au Change to the cathedral of Saint-Denis. All of Paris was then in a hurry. The brigands, taverns and prostitutes see there the opportunity to settle there too. As early as the 9th century, Charlemagne tried to chase away the “public girls”, without much success.

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The proximity of the rue Saint-Denis with the Halles, and thus the permanent passage, finishes to establish this strategic place. Moreover, the nearby fountain of the Innocents allowed prostitutes to quench their thirst and to do their ablutions. The different periods of repression and tolerance punctuated the life of the rue Saint-Denis, without diminishing its naughty appeal.
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