Under a new light.

We are a tourist company specialized in organizing tours in Paris ; We are happy to make your holiday unforgetable and amazing ! We are experts in finding you the most  genuine, lively  and interesting places for you to have have breakthtaking holidays. Remember travel and discovery always make one happy !

Exclusive Immersive Private Tours

A perfectly planned vacation. We offer tailor-made vacations crafted by experts. Innovative experiences and we will continue to add to the collection. Our concept of slow tourism aims for you to discover the city at your own pace. More than a form of tourism, this is a way of living that allows visitors to meet the locals.

We treat local people with respect and fairness. This pays back by the buckhat load, because well cared locals let you get closer to their culture, lifestyle, people and way of living. Which is good for them and for you. In addition, know that when you book a tour or any activity with us, we also pay for humanitarian actions from helping feed the homeless or send a disadvantaged child to a museum etc.. We call this humanist and responsible tourism

Helping Dreams Do

Our mission is to empower human connection through perspective – changing travel. We take away the hassle and introduce you to places you never thought about going.  Just sit back, relax and have all the fun !

Tracking Games

Take part in a family-friendly self-guided tracking game.


Ignite your creative spark with local art, craft and foodie workshops


Old and new at the same time, Paris is a constant source of surprise

Great People. Amazing Tours.

Beautiful Paris.

We traveled all around Paris and created the perfect tours for you.

What Paris Par Rues Méconnues Can Offer You


Learn and discover anecdotes and stories with Phd and MA multilingual experts

Flexible Cancellation

A 100% refund if your cancel your bookings 7 days or 14 days before the due date.

Suitable for Small Groups

The best way to enjoy this experience to the fullest and exchange with people as passionate as you are .

Photography Tours

There are so many things to see and people to meet while travelling - immersing yourself in a new culture Imprint the memories forever.

Why Paris? Paris Needs No Reason, Paris Is Its Own Reason.”

Amazing things you didn’t know about Paris

There is a world of possibilities out there. Here are just a few ideas to get you started

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