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what is the must-see spot in Paris and what don't you recommend to visit?

Of course Paris classic and timeless beauties are a must see. But the City of lights is so much more than the Eiffel Tower or Louvre Museum. So dare to be dazzled. Don't shop at the Champs Elysées and but find more trendy local shops. Don't stay stuck on the left bank, when you can encounter the genuine soul of Paris on the left bank around Belleville, or the canal Saint Martin.

Looking to go during the summer of next year. Any tips for that? What is the best time?

Paris in the summertime is so very dreamy but also so very expensive. We really recommend you to come to Paris in June, September and October. Smaller crowds, sunny weathers and more affordables prices. All the perks without the inconvienients. Anyway if you want to enjoy Paris best, do avoid the biggest trade shows/exhibition like Paris Fashion Week, Paris Air Show and Motor Show

Where should I book a hotel or maybe it would be best to rent an apartment?

The booking for your hotel depends on the vibe you want to feel while visiting Paris. For the bling bling and shopping then the 8th arrondissement is perfect, for a dolce vita feel the 19th arrondissement around the Bassin de la Villette is an experience. The 18th is the most romantic place.
There are 2,000 hotels in Paris and a plateform such as Airbnb offers 60,000 rentals in Paris. Choice is up to you. With a rental you will be more independent with no schedule to stick to. If you want to be taken care of hotels are your option. In hotels, you will have the opportunity to eat meals in the restaurant or with its room service. If you do not want to cook, it can be an advantage. For your peace of mind, and cheaper fees, just make sure to book your hotels well in advance (particularly if visiting in summer)

Some cool tips you should know


Paris is for everyone. you can even find gluten-free restaurants and markets.

Like any other major cities around the wold, the city of lights offers gluten free options. Sweet, sour, only veggie, only fruity, delicious smoothies like La Cabane Belleville, I, personally recommend, you get plenty of choices to eat good and well


Concerts and outdoor opera events are happening all year long. it's an amazing experience.

Paris loves music. From classic, to rock or french music, you'll get your fill. Music is performednot only in concert venues, but also outdoors, in parks, gardens, train stations , especially during summertime.


Paris can offer more than just the well-known tourist spots. Explore the outskirts of Paris.​

They are, most of the time, more interesting and authentic, if you are an history and architecture lover. Showing Paris genuine side is our specialty.


Dogs are welcome. you can find great parks and stores just for your little friend

Paris is very pet-friendly the city is. Dogs in Paris are allowed on all public transport including the metro, the subway, the commuter trains ( except the Eurostar) and buses. Service dogs can travel for free on all forms of transport, and large dogs need a ticket to travel. Just make sure your pet has all the necessary vaccines before coming to Paris


be polite and patient. try to enjoy the people and the atmosphere of Paris.

We know, French people can be very difficult, haugthy and making little no zero efforts to speak English, as they consider the effort should be on YOUR part. But cross my heart, hope to die, once you get over that first defiance examination and bitchy attitude, they are indeed endearing.

Smile and enjoy Paris. take a long walk around and talk to people.

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