I only think Covid that separates us

We are part of a whole… Today, more than ever, the “WE” is embodied in solidarity and responsibility…
In these exceptional and difficult times, the safety of our walkers, tourists and members of the Paris Par Rues Méconnues team is our top priority.

As the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic evolves, we are taking all necessary precautions in accordance with the Government’s directives. We are following the updates with the utmost attention so that we can act quickly and adapt to everyone’s legitimate fears: yours, our team members’, your families’ and theirs.
More activities (walks/ workshops/ events)
Only the catering part is currently working normally, you can order exotic juices to boost your immune system
Our teams remain connected in order to answer all your questions about orders, postponements of walks etc…
We are aware of the difficulties that this situation will cause for each of you, for each of us. Because today, more than ever, we are each a part of a collective “we”, and the effort of each one is a debt towards the other and towards the community.
It’s not about being afraid or not, anxious or carefree. It is about the responsibility that each of us must assume to slow down this inevitable epidemic as much as possible and allow our caregivers to accomplish their noble mission, that of taking care of the health of all those who need it in the best conditions.
Take care of yourself, your children, your elders and your loved ones
Take responsibility for everyone
Stay at home so as not to make the situation worse!

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